Am I Really So Toxic? How Did I Get That Way?

Am I Really So Toxic? How Did I Get That Way?

Post #5 Babies are born toxic with sometimes as many as 100 chemicals in their system. Then we raise them on the modern prepared food menu and further increase their toxicity. As we add fast foods, snacks made of mostly GMO grains and artificial flavorings, dyes, and preservatives……see where we go with this question?
One has to be very purposeful to have a healthy diet today.
Then consider what we drink, what we allow to come in contact with our skin and what we breathe, you can see there is a lot of harmful material coming into our bodies.
GMO grains, meat products with hormones, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides are the rule today.
Medication we take, social use of alcohols, smoking or second hand smoke, illegal drug use, the list is endless.
We have seven ways of eliminating these poisons from our systems, Laura Jacobs calls these our seven chimneys, like a factory releases residues of production we release residues of what we have eaten, breathed, drank, or had in contact with our skin. We do this through our liver, bowels, kidneys, skin, lungs, blood and lymph. To support this process we need excellent nutrition, often people will use good natural supplements like doTerra’s Life Ling Vitality, and plan to do cleanses for the internal organs. Our next post will show you a good protocol for this purpose.

Post #4 Continuing discussion on being friendly to your liver, consider Dr. Hill’s Statement.

Proper nutrition (vitamins and minerals): one key to managing toxic load
Another important factor in biological aging is the toxic load we carry.  Now, more than ever, our bodies have to deal with toxicities from our air, food and water.  Toxins are simply inescapable.  You can take steps to lessen this load, but in the end, you will have to deal with detoxification.
The body deals with toxins in various ways.
→ Water-soluble toxins are excreted through sweat and the kidneys.
→ Fat soluble toxins are dealt with through a two-stage process in the liver.
Phase one: the liver converts fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble toxins, to be excreted through sweat or the kidneys.
Phase two, the liver combines converted water-soluble toxins with other compounds, through a process called conjugation, so they can be excreted in our urine.
However, for this detoxification to function properly, our livers need to be supplied with ample amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  If the process is inhibited in any way (as by insufficient nutrients), it results in the production of free radicals and inflammation.  But, there is another issue, as well.
Toxic overload and obesity
When the liver is overloaded, due to either too many toxins to process or insufficient nutrition to carry out detoxification, the toxins are converted to fat.  With something like 65% of Americans considered to be obese, we can readily see what a problem this is.
Fat cells (adipose cells or adipocytes) are formed from stem cells, through a process of protein activation.  Normally, these fat cells remain at a rather constant number, although their size and fat content can change.  These fat cells store toxicity, walling toxins off from the rest of the body.  However, when the system is overwhelmed with toxins, new fat cells are formed.  So, for effective weight loss, you must address the issue of detoxification.
For that, since our food source has changed so much, supplementation is very important.
dōTERRA’s MicroPlex VM, part of the LifeLong Vitality Pack, is the ideal choice.  It offers a balanced formula of essential vitamins for cellular health and vitality, as well as chelated minerals for energy metabolism and cellular function.
The vitamins in MicroPlex VM provide antioxidant protection, mediate cellular communication, can act as hormones, regulate tissue growth, assist in enzymatic activity and act as co-factors of cellular metabolism.
The minerals support almost all biochemical pathways in the body.  They are also essential elements of cell, tissue and organ structures.  They support bone growth and health and are used in energy metabolism.
MicroPlex VM contains chelated minerals, where a mineral is combined with an organic compound to enhance its bioavailability.
dōTERRA’s LifeLong Vitality Pack, essential nutrition for your extreme health
dōTERRA’s LifeLong Vitality Pack is a foundational supplement set for your overall health.  It will support cellular longevity and life span, cellular energy and metabolism, give powerful protection for your DNA, defend you from free radical damage through a network of antioxidants, boost your immune system, help to manage stress, support cardiovascular health, support bone and joint health, support brain and cognitive health and improve digestion.*Image

Be a good friend to your Liver and it will take care of you!

Be a good friend to your Liver and it will take care of you!

As your can see by following the arrows, your liver will separate toxins from nutrients. The nutrients get changed and sent to keep the body running smoothly. The toxins are filtered out through the colon, kidneys, skin and surplus toxins get stored in your fat cells. Yes I know, an awful thought! The maximum release of toxins occurs for those who support the liver with the nutrients it needs and drink plenty of water to help the kidneys flush and a lots of fiber to bind the toxins in the colon. Later we will discuss the many ways we become toxic without realizing it.

Every matter of life gets filtered through your liver.

Every matter of life gets filtered through your liver.

Nothing gets past the liver without having been examined and cross examined. The food you eat, air you breathe, what you drink and what comes in contact with your skin all gets filtered by your friend, the liver. You can see that it needs certain elements to keep it working and maintain its own health. And always …….lots of water. Consider the quality of what you allow to pass through, reduce your toxic load starting today.

I am busy and so are you!

I am busy and so are you!

Did you know that your liver alone performs 500 chemical transactions a minute? now that’s busy when you think about 24/7 for your entire life. Moral of that story is “be kind to your liver, it is your best friend.” Visit back in a day or two and I will post how you can be nice to your liver.